Why Invest In Small and Mid-Cap Stocks?

Because they can see MASSIVE increases in portfolios in a short amount of time.

Think about it.

It is more likely for a stock that is trading at $0.50 to make a move to $1.00 - and double your money - than a stock trading at $50.00 and make its way up to $100.00.

In fact, stocks trading on the OTCBB can increase value by 500% within a matter of days and weeks!

On the other hand, stocks that trade on the big boards could take years if ever to see that kind of increase...

After all, when was the last time General Electric jumped 100%??

With high reward there is typically high risk. And we try hard to reduce the risk by picking stocks that we think will have a significant upside based on the following factors

-Growth Companies introduced before thousands of other investors. This allows investors to get in earlier before the price gets too high.

-In-depth technical analysis. Often backing up our fundamental analysis our technical indicators provide more confidence and better entrance and exit positions

-Undiscovered" stocks that have innovative technologies or business models combined with sound fundamentals which could explode revenues and increase market share. That could cause the stock value to dramatically increase.

-Size and growth potential within the sector and economic region that the Company operates within. High growth sector stocks have more potential for bigger gains.

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